• Access to NMR technology for both UCSD and external users. Users can collect their own data, facility staff can do it all for you, or collaborative projects can be developed. The facility houses two 600 MHz Bruker Avance III spectrometers with cryogenically cooled probes for enhanced sensitivity. For samples whose concentration is limited by the amount of material available, or by solubility, our 1.7 mm microcoil cryoprobe requires just 40 μl of solution. We provide training in instrument operation and can offer advice for data analysis or project feasibility.

  • The UCLA MIC Mass Spectrometry Laboratory provides a wide range of sample characterization techniques for UCLA researchers. Ionization methods currently available include electron impact (EI), chemical (CI), matrix assisted laser desorption (MALDI), electrospray ionization (ESI), and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI). Analyzers currently available include time of flight, quadrupole, ion trap, ion cyclotron resonance analyzers, and several tandem combinations of mass analyzers.

  • The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory consists of six nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers (NMR) and one electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer (EPR). Users of the facility usually run their own spectra. For routine NMR spectra, an automatic sample changer is available on one of the spectrometers. All users must be trained by the facility staff. The laboratory is a part of the UCLA Molecular Instrumentation Center (MIC), which is a campus wide facility open to the UCLA community. Further information can be obtained at the website below.