• The Molecular Screening Shared Resource (MSSR) offers a comprehensive range of leading-edge high throughput screening (HTS) services including drug discovery, chemical and functional genomics, and novel methods for nano and environmental toxicology. The MSSR is an open access environment with investigators from UCLA as well as from the entire globe. Industrial clients are equally welcome as are non-profit entities.

  • The Crump Institute's Preclinical Imaging Technology Center provides state-of-the-art in vivo molecular imaging technologies and related services to faculty, staff and students at UCLA. The Center functions both as a laboratory facility for imaging research and development, and as a shared preclinical imaging resource for researchers across various disciplines on campus. As a world leader in molecular imaging, the Center aims to connect state-of-the-art technologies and imaging expertise with in vivo biological applications, to allow real-time, quantitative measurement of health and disease.

  • The Immune Assessment Core is a comprehensive source of immune assessment testing services for basic, clinical and translational studies. The full service laboratory performs various immunological assays to evaluate the innate and adaptive immune status of study subjects.

    The Immune Assessment Core focuses on developing assays using cutting edge, high throughput technologies. We obtain the highest quality data to survey the immune system using small sample volumes. This is achieved by providing validated assays with multiplexed capacities. We work closely with our clients to assist with analysis and interpretation of the comprehensive data sets to ensure they get the most out of the samples they have collected. In addition to the above mentioned assays, the core performs customized assay development to meet the client's developing needs.

  • The Mitochondria and Metabolism Core at UCLA provides the scientific community with the necessary technical and conceptual resources for studying mitochondrial function. We provide access to Seahorse XF96 Extracellular Flux Analyzers and an Operetta High Content Imager, which users can schedule after training. Additionally, The Mitochondria Core provides a number of full service options for the design, performance, analysis and interpretation of fundamental mitochondrial assays.

    Orian Shirihai, MD PhD

  • The purpose of the newly finished Zebrafish Core is to facilitate the use and quick access of common mutations, genetically engineered transgenic zebrafish and routine techniques of zebrafish manipulation by investigators at UCLA. The core will provide the UCLA research community with four major categories of service.

    1. Space for housing zebrafish and performing larger scale genetic or chemical genomic screens
    2. Assistance with experiments using zebrafish
    3. Generation of transgenic zebrafish
    4. Cryostorage of zebrafish sperm and re-derivation of live fish

  • The Mouse Physiology Laboratory is dedicated to the phenotypic assessment of mouse and rat models of disease using a wide variety of integrative approaches. Our aim is to provide a cost effective means for investigators to reveal important functional aspects of their mouse and rat models without having to individually invest in hiring skilled personnel and in the purchase of expensive instrumentation. We will work with you to design and implement the study along with any associated grant, animal protocol and manuscript preparation. The laboratory has collaborated with dozens of investigators at UCLA and other institutions worldwide on a wide range of studies leading to numerous peer reviewed publications.

  • The overall goal of this Core laboratory is to provide the infrastructure, materials, animals, technical expertise and support that will facilitate the use of humanized immunodeficient mice in studies examining the pathogenesis and treatment of HIV-induced disease.

  • Facilities and expertise in the design, implementation, and analysis of behavioral experiments in mice and rats.