UCLA Vector Core

The objective of the UCLA Vector Core is to promote and facilitate basic and translational research by providing investigators with access to vector technologies that enable efficient gene transfer to mammalian cells in culture and in vivo. To this end, the Vector Core is currently:

Serving as an educational and advisory resource for UCLA researchers who may have had limited experience with virus-derived gene transfer vector technologies, but who wish to utilize such technologies for efficient functional expression of genetic sequences of interest in mammalian cell culture and in animal models in vivo

Providing, at minimal cost, various pre-made retroviral, lentiviral, and adenoviral vector stocks expressing standard marker genes to utilize in preliminary experiments, as well as a library of available vectors expressing a variety of mammalian genes and corresponding inhibitory sequences

Designing and producing custom viral vectors that contain a specific transgene of interest (including wild type and mutant cDNAs with or without epitope tags, dominant-negative expression constructs, antisense mRNAs, siRNAs, etc.) for individual researchers. A bank of lentiviral vectors including transfer vectors, vectors expressing marking genes and customized vectors is available.

The Vector Core assists investigators from academia, and private companies.

Noriyuki Kasahara

Christopher Logg

ServiceUCLA CostJCCC/CFAR CostExternal Cost
Project consultation $80.00$100.00
IBC protocol review and consultation $40.00$50.00
ARC protocol review and consultation $40.00$50.00
Support documents $40.00$50.00
Training seminar $120.00$150.00
Non-concentrated lenti/retro marker virus stock (0.25-1 ug p24/ml) $200.00$250.00
Non-concentrated custom lenti/retro virus prep (0.25-1µg p24/ml ) $200.00$250.00
Concentrated, lenti virus stock (2.5-10 µg p24/ml)* $100.00$125.00
Concentrated custom lenti virus production (2-15 µg p24/ml) $1,200.00$1,500.00
Concentrated custom lenti virus production (2-15 ug p24/ml); half scale $600.00$750.00
RCL assay (293T transduction and p24 after 2 weeks serial passage)  $120.00$150.00
Concentrated custom lenti virus production (2-15 ug/ml); one-third scale $400.00$500.00
Plasmid DNA for vector construction  $40.00$50.00
Bacteria transformation for DNA amplification  $40.00$50.00
Maxiprep and restriction analyses  $120.00$150.00
Direct sub-cloning and analytical confirmation (cloning, miniprep and RE digest)** $240.00$300.00
PCR sub-cloning and analytical confirmation (cloning, miniprep and RE digest)** $300.00$375.00
Multiple-fragment or multi-step sub-cloning (cloning, miniprep and RE digest)** $400.00$500.00
Plasmid sequencing and analysis $30.00$40.00
Design and synthesis of primers for PCR or sequencing  $10.00$12.50
Construction of adenoviral vector genome  $780.00$975.00
(homol.rec. in E. coli/ screening and amplification of DNA) $1,000.00$1,250.00
Adenoviral expansion and purification*** $125.00$175.00
Adenoviral marker vector stock*** $360.00$450.00
Adenoviral plaque assay and purification  $40.00$50.00
P24 assay for determining the titer of lentivirus prep $125.00$175.00
TCID50/ RCA for determining the titer of adenovirus prep $40.00$50.00
Transduction in 6- or 12-well plate of vector core-provided cell line $20.00$25.00
Transduction in 6- or 12-well plate of cell line provided by user $40.00$50.00
Fluorescence microscope  $80.00$100.00
Flow cytometer (analysis, no cell sorting) $25.00$31.00