Preclinical Imaging Center

The Crump Institute's Preclinical Imaging Technology Center provides state-of-the-art in vivo molecular imaging technologies and related services to faculty, staff and students at UCLA. The Center functions both as a laboratory facility for imaging research and development, and as a shared preclinical imaging resource for researchers across various disciplines on campus. As a world leader in molecular imaging, the Center aims to connect state-of-the-art technologies and imaging expertise with in vivo biological applications, to allow real-time, quantitative measurement of health and disease.

David Stout

ServiceUCLA CostJCCC/CFAR CostExternal Cost
FDG/fluoride ion MicroPET$100.00  
FHBG MicroPET (available on a limited basis)$400.00  
FESP MicroPET (available on a limited basis)$20.00  
Other MicroPET (available on a limited basis)$100.00  
MicroCT screening study$35.00  
MicroCT high-resolution study$100.00  
DWBA study   
Optical CCD imaging study   
Special image analysis (e.g., image fusion)   
Technique development